2019 U21 National Squads Named

Following an incredibly successful Vantage National U21 Tournament which saw the Canterbury Women and the Capital Men walk away with the 2019 titles. Hockey New Zealand is pleased to announce the U21 New Zealand Squads.

These squads aim to build towards the Sultan of Johor (Men’s) in October in Malaysia and Tri-NationsSeries (Women’s) competitions later in the 2019 season in Australia.

The reigning champions Canterbury Women lead the way with eleven of their successful tournament team selected in the squad. Central Women meanwhile are not far behind with ten players selected.

On the Men’s side Southern has been rewarded for a strong showing in the tournament having eight players selected to the squad andrunners up North Harbour are represented by seven players.


National U21 Women’s Squad


First Name Last Name Age Position U21 Region
Kelly Carline 19 Goalkeeper Central
Julia Gluyas 20 Goalkeeper Capital
Ellen Kunzli 20 Goalkeeper North Harbour
Saasha Marsters 19 Goalkeeper Canterbury
Emily Baker 18 Defender Canterbury
Millie Calder 20 Defender Canterbury
Anna Crowley 19 Defender Central
Kate Ivory 20 Defender North Harbour
Ruby Logan 20 Defender Capital
Amelia Marlow 21 Defender Auckland
Maddie Story 20 Defender Canterbury
Jessie Anderson 20 Midfielder Canterbury
Katie Doar 17 Midfielder Auckland
Madi Doar 19 Midfielder Auckland
Casey Crowley 21 Midfielder Central
Alex Lukin 20 Midfielder Midlands
Estelle Macadre 19 Midfielder Capital
Georgie Mackay-Stewart 20 Midfielder Canterbury
Clodagh McCullough 20 Midfielder Central
Emma Rainey 19 Midfielder Central
Arabella Sheild 18 Midfielder Canterbury
Maddie Wotton 20 Midfielder Canterbury
Eva Zylstra 19 Midfielder Midlands
Kaitlin Cotter 17 Striker Central
Hayley Cox 18 Striker Canterbury
Jessica Kelly 18 Striker Capital
Holly Pearson 20 Striker Central
Samantha Polovnikoff 21 Striker North Harbour
Hope Ralph 19 Striker Central
Olivia Shannon 18 Striker Central
Margot Willis 20 Striker Canterbury
Emily Wium 19 Striker Canterbury
*Madee Forbes 20 Goal Keeper

Non travelling reserve

North Harbour


Head Coach: TBC


National U21 Men’s Squad


First Name Last Name Age Position U21 Region
Louis Beckert 19 Goalkeeper Canterbury
Taylor Craigie 20 Goalkeeper North Harbour
Matthew Van Aardt 21 Goalkeeper Auckland
Hamish Van Dyk 20 Goalkeeper Southern
Reuben Andrews 20 Defender Midlands
Callum Dempster 19 Defender Southern
Benji Edwards 21 Defender North Harbour
Xavier Guy 20 Defender North Harbour
Lochie Paton 20 Defender Capital
Maxwell Rasmussen 21 Defender Southern
Dylan Stevenson 20 Defender North Harbour
Netesh Sukha 19 Defender North Harbour
Jordan Ward 21 Defender Southern
Simon Yorston 19 Defender Canterbury
Malachi Buschl 19 Midfielder Southern
Kailin Dayal 20 Midfielder Southern
Zander Fraser 20 Midfielder Auckland
Connor Greentree 20 Midfielder North Harbour
Harry Lawson 19 Midfielder Auckland
Tim Neild 19 Midfielder Midlands
Gus Wakeling 20 Midfielder Canterbury
Finn Ward 18 Midfielder Southern
Luke Buxton 18 Striker North Harbour
Jordan Cohen 19 Striker Capital
Daniel Easton 20 Striker Auckland
Moss Jackson 19 Striker Canterbury
Adam Kailea 18 Striker Auckland
Sajan Patel 18 Striker Capital
Dylan Thomas 20 Striker Southern
Maks Wyndham-Smith 20 Striker Midlands


Head Coach: Bryce Collins


Posted on Monday, 27 May, 2019 | DevelopmentSlider