2020 Masters World Cup Announcement

Hockey New Zealand is excited to announce the Masters World Cup Selections for 2020.


The 2020 National Masters Tournament (NMT) was the largest in our history with 82 teams. The NMT provides the primary selection event for NZ Masters Age Group Teams.


The Masters World Cup is the pinnacle event for Masters Hockey. The best teams from around the world assemble to compete for the prestigious Masters World Cup title.


This year World Masters Hockey have modified the Masters World Cup format, moving away from the traditional single international tournament for all age groups. The new format includes three continents hosting three tournaments for specific age groups. Please see the tournament dates, locations, and age groups below.


Nottingham, England – August 8th-17th

  • Over 35s and 40s Women
  • Over 35s and 40s Men

Cape Town, South Africa – September 19th to 27th

  • Over 45s, 50s, 55s, 60s and 65s Women’s
  • Over 45s, 50s and 55s Men

Tokyo, Japan – November 5th to 15th

  • Over 60s, 65s, 70s and 75s Men


At the recent NMT, a highly capable team of 25 selectors and 3 convenors of selectors observed over 450 players vying for selection. Teams and or squads were selected across the age groups, with the exception of the Men’s 75s and Women’s 65s. This year will be the first time New Zealand will send a 70s Mens team to a Masters World Cup.


Hockey NZ would like to acknowledge and thank Convenor of Selectors: Pat Barwick, John Daniels and Lee Munt, and the team of selectors for their hard work and diligence.


Hockey NZ is committed to sending competitive teams to the Masters World Cup and Trans Tasman events. For 2020 a combined 60s and 65s women’s team has been selected. This decision has been made with the intention to allow more time to grow further depth across both age groups for future competition.


Selection Panels in consultation with appointed coaches were provided the flexibility to select a team or squad. Where a squad has been selected, final selections will be made at future training camps. Due to the number of players registered for selection, no individual player feedback will be provided. Unsuccessful players are encouraged to contact their NMT coach to support their development.


Hockey NZ would like to thank all players for their efforts, congratulate those who have been successful, and encourage those who have not, to continue to work hard towards Trans Tasman 2021.


Hockey NZ appreciates there may be questions regarding Covid-19. We are working with World Masters Hockey to understand the potential ramifications on all three events. As it stands, all events are proceeding, and we will keep you updated as the situation progresses and more information comes to hand.  We’re also working with House Of Travel (HOT) to understand the cut off dates for booking travel and accommodation.

Please click here for a message from HOT in regard to general travel and the evolving coronavirus situation. 


At this stage, we believe it best to delay booking any travel and wait and see how things develop over the next 1-3 weeks. World Masters Hockey and the FIH are monitoring the current situation and will likely provide further direction in the coming weeks around these events specifically or more broadly on hockey-related international travel.  If you do decide to make any bookings, please ensure you are fully aware of your rights under your insurance given Covid-19 is now a “known event”.


2020 National Masters World Cup Selections

Posted on Sunday, 22 March, 2020 | MastersSlider