Masters Advisory Group

Hockey New Zealand have established a Masters Advisory Group to assist us with the growth and development of masters hockey throughout New Zealand. The main objective of the group is to help grow masters hockey by advising Hockey New Zealand about a range of opportunities across the community.

CLICK HERE to view the Terms of Reference for the Masters Advisory Group.

At the beginning of August, Hockey New Zealand called for expressions of interest from our masters community for the Masters Advisory Group.

Hockey New Zealand are pleased to announce the selection of the following members after deliberation by the appointments panel in mid-September. All appointments and terms commence on the 1st October 2017

Tania Cassidy (3 year term)

Anil Nathoo (3 year term)

Lee Munt (2 year term)

Nicki Sayers (2 year term)

The group will convene for the first time early in October.

Minutes from the quarterly meetings will be published on this page.

Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest in being part of this group and to the wider masters hockey community for their continued support in the masters space.

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