Tournament Appointments

Appointments to National Tournaments will be made by the appointments committee. All nominations should be sent to Colin French:

If you have any questions regarding the suitability of an umpire to a particular tournament, then please contact Colin French. For new umpires, who have not yet attended a National Tournament, it is recommended that they attend a regional tournament first, then apply for a National Tournament the year later.

Umpires will be appointed to National Tournaments based on their performance from the previous year and also from Association nominations.


2019 Vantage U18 National Regional Tournament

Tournament DirectorKerry Dyson
Tournament AdministratorBjorn Dix
Technical OfficialsMerv Hornsby
Hannah Reeves
Andrew Spence
Jamie Stevens
Umpire ManagersMike Treloar
Stacey Wilson
Umpires Panel - MenBrodie Greenfield
Caleb Hansen
Dion Hawke
Chris Hill
Ashley Kelland
Michael Marychurch
Aidan Scarlet
Jackson Taylor
Matthew Weir
Umpires Panel - WomenMalikah Davy
Sabina East
Lexi Etherington
Kelly-Anne Foskin
Kataraina Fredricksen
Jess Kneebone
Kaitlyn Pennell
Roseanne Porter


Over the next 3 months we have the following tournament appointments to be announced:

  • 2nd-7th September Secondary School Tournaments
  • 14th-22nd September Ford NHL / Ford National Association Tournament – Tauranga