“Grow the Game” goes to Thames Valley Hockey

Recognising a need within the hockey community Chester’s Plumbing & Bathroom have donated 60 new Hockey Sticks and equipment to Thames Valley in support of the “Grow the Game” Hockey initiative valued in excess of $5,500.

Receiving the donation at the Ngatea Hockey turf, Graeme Taylor, President Thames Valley Hockey Association thanks Chester’s Plumbing & Bathroom and comments, “We have increased numbers of players by 25% in our region but one of the barriers to sport participation is always cost, with this wonderful donation we can now provide better, bigger and more opportunities across the Valley region.”

Thames Valley Hockey Association serves a vast region of predominantly rural communities, with the hub of Hockey being the location of the artificial turf in Ngatea.  Thames Valley Hockey offers primary, secondary and senior grade hockey with its players attending National and Regional Hockey tournaments.  Two home grown Valley players are current NZ Vantage Black Sticks, Aidan Sarikaya (Ngatea) and Tarryn Davey (Te Aroha).

Colin and Grant Chester, of Chester’s Plumbing & Bathroom have been long standing supporters of hockey with the aim of giving even more kids the opportunity to play Hockey.  The collaboration of Chester’s Plumbing, Kookaburra and Hockey New Zealand will provide long term benefits for the Thames Valley Hockey Community. Thames Valley Hockey recently received The Silver Award at the Hockey New Zealand Annual Awards, for its work in growing the game by 25% It is hoped that this valuable donation will continue to increase engagement at both Secondary and Youth level.

Hockey is a fun, fast paced sport which is inclusive for everybody. It contributes towards happier, healthier people and better-connected communities. Unfortunately, not everybody has the same access to get involved in hockey. This is due to a variety of reasons; travel, time and cost are only a few of the barriers that are stopping people from being able to take part. The support of local associations is a key component to helping us break down some of these barriers, the Grow the Game Initiative aims to make a difference.

Chester’s Plumbing & Bathroom have teamed up with Kookaburra Sport NZ and Hockey NZ to provide a range of FREE hockey equipment to help grow the game of hockey at community level through better access to participant development

Posted on Monday, 27 May, 2019 | Other