Northland Hockey hold an awesome good sports festival

In early June Northland Hockey having noticed over the past few years that kids are struggling to get into hockey because of a number of barriers held a Good Sports Festival. The tournament was an open day where kids could come along and register on the day and learn through play and fun.

Question – How many participants turned up? 

Northland Hockey– 42 Year 7 & 8’s Participated in this tournament.

Question – What was the focus of the day to be? 

Northland Hockey– The focus was on equal opportunity for all within that age group, no selections no pressure, participants were encouraged to come along be challenged with skills tests, obstacle course and be put into a team at random and have the opportunity to play 6 a side games and goalies were encouraged to come along and have a go playing on the field.

Question – Why would you say that the day was a success? 

Northland Hockey– The children all had fun and were very engaged throughout the day. We believe that the success will be defined by the numbers that turn up next year as word of mouth is our best advertising.

Question – Why do you think days like this are beneficial for youth hockey? 

Northland Hockey– Days like this are hugely beneficial to youth as it is open to all no matter what skill level, club affiliations or back ground. All of that doesn’t matter it is kids that want to have a go getting out there with other like-minded kids, having a go and doing their best and letting the kids be kids.

Question – What were some of the highlights of the day? 

Northland Hockey– Highlights were watching the kids succeed, they walked in a little bit nervous and unsure but once in their teams they communicated well and negotiated positions and played together very well. The obstacle course was a highlight with everyone taking part and giving it a go. The biggest highlight was the participants willingness to try something new with enthusiasm and they were all very encouraging and supportive of each other.

Question – How many volunteers did you have helping out and what were the roles they were doing? 

Northland Hockey– We had five Volunteers help out through the day and two staff, Their roles were to help with registering the players and putting in to teams when they arrived and helping umpire and man the obstacle course when required, we had the More FM and Ten4 trailer here and they did a free sausage sizzle for all the participants also.


The next good sports festival that Northland Hockey will be holding is a year 5 and 6 festival on Sunday 11th August

Posted on Thursday, 4 July, 2019 | Community