NZ Beach Hockey Championships

When: Saturday 19th January 2019

Where: Mount Maunganui

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The Summer of 2019 and Mount Maunganui plays host to the annual NZ Beach Hockey Championships. This will be the seventh time that this event has happened and has seen a rapid growth each year. The first time the event was held in 2013 saw 5 teams compete and in 2018 there was 20. This event captures what summer is about in New Zealand. You will see some great live sporting action as well as great food and music pumping throughout the day. These events are great fun for the family to not only take part in but also come along and cheer on the action. We spoke with one of the founders of NZ Beach Hockey Chris Goldsbury about the event and where its looking to go in the future. The grand prize is the Giant Jandal which has been won on 3 previous occasions but Lincoln Churchill.

What made you first create Beach Hockey?

The idea started from coaching at a Beach Hockey Camp in Germany in 2010. We felt that Beach Hockey was a concept that could work in NZ with our beaches and the size of the hockey community. We decided to buy an inflatable field and take the plunge.

Why is the event doing so well?

Its summer, it’s on the beach, you don’t need any experience and all the gear is provided. Players need to just turn up with a positive attitude and then they will have a great time. It’s a social event, but there is a little bit of competition at the end of the day. Every team will take home a prize, and its all wrapped up on the one day, so you still have another couple of days at the Mount to enjoy the sights before you are due back at work on Monday.

What is the entertainment like?

We’ve got tunes playing all day, a couple of commentators who provide quality banter, and we run some competitions during the middle of the day for spot prizes. It’s a full-on day with matches, so there is always something happening. We’ve had local radio stations involved and Mr Whippy is always close by.

How do you see Beach Hockey expanding in the future?

We would love to continue to build on the event in the Mount by having as many teams and as many fields as possible to create an atmosphere that is unlike no other in hockey. The Mount is an amazing spot for not only a great day of social sport but for an awesome weekend with mates and family. The game is a cool way to introduce new people to hockey in general and we hope that it serves as a way to grow our sport in New Zealand.

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