Two New Zealand Umpires Appointed to Odisha Hockey World Cup

The upcoming Odisha Hockey World Cup is not only going to prove to be an exciting time for the Vantage Black Sticks Men and their supporters but also for two outstanding umpires appointed to officiate on the sports biggest stage.

Simon Taylor and David Tomlinson have come through the ranks in New Zealand Hockey’s Tournament Pathway. This will be Simons 3rd World Cup, he first umpired in a World Cup in 2010. Simon has 142 caps to his name making him the most experienced umpire at the Odisha World Cup.

David is entering his first world cup having been promoted to the highest level of umpiring this year. David has accumulated 75 caps as an international umpire. Both David and Simon have played and umpired at Hatch Cup previously including this year where David was the Umpire Manager at the 2018 Hatch Cup in Nelson and he umpired the Marlborough vs Wanganui match during the tournament.

Hockey NZ Technical Manager Colin French states “David & Simon are both world class umpires who have performed consistently to a high level at domestic and international tournaments . They are both strong contributors to the NZ umpiring community in terms of leadership and the development of our up and coming umpires. We wish them the greatest of success at the 2019 World Cup in Odisha, India.

Posted on Tuesday, 13 November, 2018 | Umpiring and Officials