Voice of the participant 2018


In 2018 Hockey in New Zealand participated in Voice of the Participant, an annual survey initiative led by Sport NZ and Nielsen Sport NZ that aims to capture and interpret membership survey data in a meaningful way so that NSO’sAssociations, Regions and Clubs can utilise the information to improve the overall hockey experience for the member.


In comparison to 2017, we had 1,369 fewer responses in 2018 (2,269 in comparison to 3,632) to the Voice of the Participant survey. This has been disappointing as the survey plays a key role in guiding Hockey New Zealand in its work and it is a valuable guide and insight into what is taking place around the country within our clubs.

Following the survey, we received a detailed report from Nielsen and from the information we have identified the following key information

  • Hockey is still performing well – 66% of members are happy with the overall performance of their club
  • 65% of members believe that their club offers value for money, however this is lower than other sports in the survey and also lower than the 2017 results
  • NPS, an indicator of a respondents’ likelihood to recommend their club, is significantly lower than in 2017 and significantly lower than All Sports 2017/18.
  • The top three main drivers for recommending a club are:o Being professional and well managedo Allowing me to fulfil my potentialo Fair and equal opportunities

It is interesting to note that Allowing me to fulfil my potential and Fair and equal opportunities have replaced Being friendly and welcoming and Fostering a sense of pride in my club.

o The main focus areas for improvement are

o Having qualified and experienced officials available

o Improving value for money

To note in this area is that when asked about what improvements members would like to see if their fees were increased to invest in improvements, the top responses were

  • Player development programmes (23%)
  • Quality of coaching (17%)
  • Officiating (13%)17% of members said that they would not want anything to change if it meant their fees were increased.

The top three motivations for belonging to a club are consistent with 2017.

  • to play competitively to have fun
  • to learn/improve skills
  • To learn/improve skills is particularly important among parents

Hockey New Zealand are publishing the full report to our website for those members and clubs who wish to view this. We would strongly suggest that all associations view the report, and in particular the Regional Findings from slide 56 onwards to look at areas of challenge for their clubs so that they are able to work with the clubs to address these. It may also be useful to contact and connect with Associations who have strong positive results to see where they can share knowledge and best practice


Voice of the Participant has provided Hockey New Zealand with valuable information that we are able to utilise in several areas. The report has been of particular interest to the Strategy Delivery Review process, especially as during Stage 1 and Stage 2 it had been identified that Club operations were of the utmost importance to our hockey system and that more emphasis needed to be placed on this area.

The research has enabled the community team to focus on areas of most need and has reinforced thinking in several areas:

  • Coach Development – A coach development framework and coach developer pilot is currently being established
  • Umpire Development – A National umpire mentoring programme has been developed and is rolling out across the country
  • Club Development – Association visits across the country establishing the assistance their clubs need, Club resources and toolkits currently being developed, alongside the investigation and procurement of new and more efficient technology systemsWe also have some further plans on how to best utilise the results from VoP in 2019 – some of these include:
  • A comparison across all sports that have participated, drilling down into regional areas to identify best practice and similar challenges and investigate this further
  • Sharing our results with RST’s across New Zealand and establishing a connection between Associations and RST’s so that support can be provided at a local level
  • Club forums. Create a slideshow document and resourcing that Associations can use at club forumsregarding VoP results targeting the main areas of need – eg coaching, umpiring, capability. This is especially important as our RDP reporting in 2018 showed that while 91 club forums took place across the country, the clubs still require assistance and guidance in their everyday operations.
  • We would like to work further with Associations to find out what additional surveys they distribute to club members throughout the season, and if surveys of club executives currently take place. Do we know what they need and want?
  • Creating an internal support and communication network between associations.WHAT NEXT?As well as this summary, we have attached the full VoP report. We would like Associations to distribute this out to their respective clubs.Rachel will be in touch with your associations to discuss the findings further and answer any questions you may have regarding the results. It will also be an opportunity to discuss how you can work with your clubs during the season to address some of the challenges presented.

    As mentioned before, the full results will be available on the Hockey New Zealand website and we will also publish these on our Hockey New Zealand Facebook page.

    Thank you to everyone who assisted with Voice of the Participant in 2018.

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Posted on Wednesday, 13 February, 2019 | Community