Coach developer pilots using cross code approach

A recent collaboration between Auckland Football, Northern Football and Hockey New Zealand saw a coach developer extension workshop run to further upskill coach developers working across both sports.

The purpose of the workshop was to enhance the understanding of how to support the development of coaches working within their club, school or federation environments.

Hockey New Zealand’s Community Coaching Manager Nicole Youman commented “A key focus for our Hockey New Zealand coaching environment is connection and collaboration. Working with Northern Football Federation in the Coach Developer space has provided an exciting opportunity for our coaching leaders to continue to learn and share their knowledge and experience. In response to the feedback from the initiative, Hockey and Football will be planning future cross code opportunities in the coaching space”

The idea of collaborating with Hockey New Zealand excited Northern Football’s Coach Development Officer Alec Wilson who said “It’s great to be working with other sporting codes who are working in the Coach Development area. Being able to share ideas and learn off each other’s experiences is a necessary development for the niche market that is Coach Development”

The NZ Football and Hockey NZ coach developer courses have been developed around common themes and for the same purpose. Therefore, NFF/AFF and Hockey NZ saw value in a collaborative approach with candidate from both codes in the same room.

The course itself which was a mixture of theory and practical application, was attended by 10 Football coach developers and four Hockey coach developers. It was led by Northern Football’s Alec Wilson and Hockey New Zealand’s Nicole Youman and the delivery was supported by Northern’s Shane Verma and Auckland Football’s Nic Downes.

Having such experience in the room allowed each candidate to take away different points relevant to their club and code as highlighted below by Ben Bate from Forrest Hill Milford and Henry Wong from Harbour Hockey.

“Today’s workshop provided me with more information relevant to the coach development process, and I now feel much better equipped to go back to my club environment to help our coaches further their development and ultimately help our clubs players” said Forrest Hill Milford’s Football Development Manager Ben Bate

Harbour Hockey’s Coach Developer Henry Wong said: “how to deliver meaningful feedback to our candidates, and to make sure our coaches go away with a set action plan to implement this feedback. I think as a coach and coach developer this will be really powerful”

Hockey and Football would like to acknowledge and thank, Aktive’s Coach Developer Lead Simone Spencer who attended to observe and provide feedback to the lead facilitators to support their on going development.  

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Posted on Sunday, 21 July, 2019 | CoachingFeatureOther