Coaches Appointed to 2020 World Masters Hockey World Cup NZ Teams

Hockey New Zealand is pleased to announce the initial coaching appointments for the 2020 World Masters Hockey World Cups to be held in Nottingham, Cape Town and Tokyo during the second half of 2020.  

These will be the first World Cups run by the new World Masters Hockey body which resulted from the amalgamation of the International Masters Hockey Association and the World Grand Masters.  

We’re delighted to be sending 15 teams away to compete with the best on the world stage. 

NOTTINGHAM – 8 Aug. to 17 Aug. 2020 

W40’s – *Leah Murphy – Leah has a strong coaching background at club, representative and master’s levels and also has extensive playing experience including representing the New Zealand masters as a player for over 3 years.  

M35’s – Bill Tomkins – Bill has an extensive master’s coaching pedigree. He coached the Australian M35’s team to the World Cup Gold medal in Barcelona as well as Trans-Tasman success.  

M40’s – Craig Williams – Craig has coached the Australian M40’s side to multiple Trans-Tasman successes as well as taking them to the World Cup in Barcelona in 2018.  

CAPE TOWN – 19 Sept. to 27 Sept. 2020 

W45’s – Nichola Sherriff  Nichola has coached NZ Masters teams at five Trans-Tasman tournaments and two World Hockey Masters tournaments including Rotterdam in 2014 and Canberra in 2016. 

W55’s – *Chris Arthur – Chris has an extensive playing and coaching background internationally and domestically. Chris was player-coach of the gold medal winning W55’s at last year’s Trans-Tasman.  

W60’s – Gill Gemming – Gill has an excellent coaching record at masters level having coached in three successful Trans-Tasman series and three World Cups including silver and bronze medals in Canberra and Rotterdam. 

M50’s – *Alan Register – Alan has captained and played in the NZ M40s and M45s attending several World Cups and Tran-Tasman series.  He has extensive experience coaching Harbour City premier men, Wellington senior and Tasman senior men. 

M55’s – Grant Hunt – Grant has a long coaching history at club and representative level and has coached the NZ 55 Men’s team in two Trans-Tasman’s and one World Cup over the past three years. 

TOKYO – 5 Nov. to 15 Nov. 2020 

M60’s – *Gene Coates-Reid – Gene has coached NZ Masters teams in a number of age groups over the years and has been in charge of the M60’s team for the last two tournaments. 

M70’s – Allan Binks – Allan has successfully coached a variety of NZ Masters teams including the M50’s to Bronze at the 2016 World Cup in Canberra and undefeated Trans-Tasman success in 2017. He also took the M45’s to Gold in Singapore in 2011. 

*Coaches have indicated they would like to be considered as a player-coach. In alignment with the Master’s Selection Policy, any coach wanting to be considered as a player-coach will be assessed by independent selectors. 

Additional appointments will be made to the W35’s, W50’s, W65’s, M45’s and M65’s over the next month. 

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