Hockey New Zealand will endeavour to keep the community updated on the evolving Covid-19 situation and how this impacts on the hockey community.

Please visit the government website for the most up to date information.

Hockey New Zealand’s Alert Level 2 Guidelines

Hockey New Zealand’s Return to Play Guidelines

Secondary Schools Tournament Week Eligibility

Sport New Zealand Alert Level 2 Information

Sport New Zealand Alert Level 2 Quick Reference Guide


Training in Isolation Videos

Click here for ideas around how you can train in isolation.

Vantage Black Sticks Update

  • The FIH has announced that Season 2 of the FIH Hockey Pro League will now be extended until June 2021 to allow for Season 2 to be completed prior to the Tokyo Olympics.

2020 National Tournament Update

  • All 2020 National Tournaments have been cancelled.
  • Please click here for full information.
  • Hockey New Zealand have made a decision in partnership sith School Sports New Zealand to host the 2020 Secondary Schools Tournaments regionally in 2020. Please click here for more information



Q – When will hockey start again?

A – We are entering a Get Ready phase which is getting our facilities prepared for reopening. Following this phase, we will enter a Prepare to play phase which will allow our community to train under certain conditions as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Q – Can there be two groups of 10 people on the turf at the same time

A – It is essential that when there are two groups on the turf that they don’t come within two meters of each other to ensure that they are following the guidelines provided by the government.

Q – Can I still go for a hit around at my local turf?

A – There are currently restrictions in place limiting gatherings to 10 people. Your local association will let you know when they are open for trainings of up to 10 people.

Q – How can I still keep up my skills?

A – Hockey New Zealand is going to be posting several videos with great training ideas from their staff. We encourage you to be innovative and resourceful around your home and send us through your own videos. We have a significant number of training videos on our social media channels that we encourage to follow along and try safely at your house.

Q – When will the FIH Hockey Pro League return?

A – Last week the FIH announced that season 2 of the FIH Hockey Pro League has now been extended until June 2021. This will allow sufficient time for the competition to be completed prior to the Tokyo Olympics. Click here for more information

Q – Will there be any National Rep Tournaments this year?

A – Hockey New Zealand has made the unfortunate but necessary decision to cancel all representative tournaments for the 2020 season. All national hockey tournaments cancelled for 2020: Thursday, April 2, 2020

Q – Will secondary schools tournament week be happening?

A – School Sports New Zealand and Hockey New Zealand are pleased to announce that for 2020 Secondary School Tournaments will be held regionally. Click here for more information