[UPDATED 3 December 2021]

Hockey New Zealand will endeavour to keep the community updated on the evolving Covid-19 situation and how this impacts on the hockey community.

The Covid-19 pandemic has, once again, impacted the sport we all love. Below you will find all information players, referees, coaches, clubs, schools and associations need to know on the return to hockey and what we’re doing to keep everyone safe.

Current Covid-19 Traffic Light Status

    • Auckland, Northland, and parts of the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taupō, Gisborne, and Manawatū-Whanganu are in RED.
    • The rest of New Zealand is in ORANGE.

Please find the full up-to-date map here.

Hockey NZ Covid-19 Guidelines

Guidelines have been developed with Sport NZ in line with the new Covid-19 Traffic Light framework.

  • Public facilities like council-owned recreation centres can open subject to capacity limits – specific capacity limits for each setting below.
  • Sports and recreational facilities can open but will need to consider specific additional rules that may apply for the
    commercial premises that they run such as cafes.
  •  When participating in sport, recreation and play activities with others, follow the rules for gatherings (below)
  •  The number of people that can meet at the gathering depends on whether vaccine passes
    are required and checked or not.
  • The gathering organiser, venue or facility need to make the choice whether to ask for proof of vaccination. In the first
    instance, organisations and venues owners should talk to each other to ensure there is a plan in place to safely run the
    sport or recreational activities under the Framework.
  • If there are capacity limits applied to an activity, multiple gatherings can still be hosted at one venue, however each
    gathering needs to take place in a defined space separated from other gatherings occurring at the same time. Outdoors
    this means that each gathering should remain at least 2 metres apart from other groups at all times. Indoor gatherings
    must be separated by walls and cannot share direct airflow.
  • Spectators at an outdoor gathering could be treated as a separate gathering and the same limits apply to them if they
    remain more than 2 metres away from the players (to meet the definition of an outdoor defined space).
  • There are no requirements for physical distancing while playing / participating / spectating, which means contact sports
    can take place; and you do not need to wear a mask when taking part.
  • Capacity limits include children and those who are unable to be vaccinated, but excludes workers. Children under the age
    of 12 are to be treated as if they had a vaccine pass and their presence does not trigger capacity limits where My Vaccine
    Passes are not checked.
  • You are able to drive outside your region to participate in sport, recreation and play activities and events if there are no
    regional boundary restrictions currently in place.

Training in Isolation Videos

Click here for ideas around how you can train in isolation.