Financially strong club with a more tight-knit community

2020 Hockey New Zealand Club of the Year – Carlton Redcliffs (Canterbury)

While 2020 was a tough time for most sporting clubs due to the effects of Covid-19, it was a hugely successful season for Christchurch’s Carlton Redcliffs club as they created financial resilience and a more tight-knit community.

The club took a collaborative approach with their community, seeking feedback on several areas of the organisation. Out of that, a number of key takeaways were actioned to appeal to their members including a refreshed brand, an improved culture and values, and a new look for social events.

Following a successful members survey, a new club logo and brand was developed that pays tribute to the proud history of both of the Carlton Ladies and Redcliffs Men’s Hockey Clubs. New playing strips and other merchandise were then rolled out.

They also launched a supporters club to connect better with ex-players and supporters and they have a target of 30 new members next year.

The club redeveloped its management and governance manuals, more accurately defining and allocating new roles so more people are doing less. A new and updated code of conduct was also developed and promoted though our club.

From a financial and commercial perspective, Carlton Redcliffs implemented four new three-year sponsorship deals in 2020 – creating a family of sponsors that align with their culture and approach. This delivered a positive cash surplus for the first time in three years for the club.

Not only has the club created financial resilience and a more tight-knit community, but they’ve also focused on providing participation and development opportunities for their members.

This included the delivery of Funsticks, tapping into Pat Barwick as a coaching mentor, providing club-based pre-season development opportunities for junior athletes and overseeing elements of their junior umpiring programmes – all while ensuring they engage and collaborate with Canterbury Hockey.

On the field, three of the club’s four Premier and Division 1 sides made their respective finals and the Premier Men were unbeaten during the regular season.

An impressive year on and off the field despite the challenges of a global pandemic.

Posted on Sunday, 9 May, 2021 | CommunityFeature