Name: Anil Nathoo

Role: Upper North Island

Why you are involved in the Masters Advisory Group?

To highlight Masters Hockey in NZ and grow the sport both socially and competitively through Hockey NZ Masters.



Nickname: Unz, (pronounced ‘Hanz’ with a silent H)

Town You Grew Up In: Auckland

Where you currently live: North Shore, Auckland.

Occupation: Self Employed “twice” – Real Estate Agent and owner-operator for the Family BP Petrol Station.

Which Hockey team do you support: India and Black Stick Men and Women.

Sporting High:  Two highlights: 1st – Winning a Gold Medal at the FIH World Hockey League 2014 Oceania Pacific Games for the NZ Presidents XI. And 2nd – winning the Auckland Premier Championship with AISC for the first time in 2008 with Macca as our player-coach.

Sporting Low:  National Masters 2017, Semi-Final, Tore Ligaments in my hip and lost in Penalty Shootouts….

Age you first got involved in Hockey: 5, Mini’s, Auckland Indian Sports Club, Hobson Park, Auckland.

Most Influential person: Influential in Hockey?? Too many to name, however, Hayden and Brad Shaw, Phil Burrows and Shea McAleese would be top of mind. Influential in life, My Grandfather Parbhu (Jack) Nathoo

Hobbies: Fishing, Golf, Camping, Hockey and Cricket.

Favourite TV Show: Sport Channels only if I get time to watch.

Favourite Food: Homemade Indian meals are the best…. Lucky me…

Favourite Music: 90s RnB and Commercial House