Name: Irene Ryan

Role: World Masters Hockey

Why you are involved in World Masters Hockey?

When in the role of Chair, NZ Masters Council (before being disestablished) it became clear that the FIH had a growing interest in Masters and strategically started advocating for one entity to represent this global growth area. I felt it was important to have Oceania voices on what at times appears a very Eurocentric discussion so was fortunate to be elected as a board member of the International Masters Hockey Association (IMHA). The last five years has been an interesting and highly politicised journey as the FIH sought to disestablish both the IMHA and WGMA, replacing them with one entity, World Masters Hockey (WMH). In preparing for the new structure I was the sole female on the Commercial and IT Working Group and have just recently gained a place on the WMH Development Committee. One key area this committee has been tasked with is to work with National Associations to build and strengthen Masters hockey. So while the role is global and it is early days, I strongly believe we need to have a voice in these critical, early stages of developing the global game for both men and women. 


Nickname: I

Town You Grew Up In: Auckland

Where you currently live: Auckland

Occupation: Senior Lecturer – Researcher: Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Auckland University of Technology (AUT). 

Which Hockey team do you support: Auckland and Somerville.

Sporting High: Being fortunate to be selected (and able to afford) to represent my country at all the Trans-Tasman Challenges and three World Cups – transitioning through the age groups alongside an amazing group of women.

Sporting Low: Missing a crucial stroke at a Trans-Tasman in Wellington  

Age you first got involved in Hockey: 18

Most Influential person: Family (so not one person) but in my professional role, as a feminist researcher my ‘heroine’ is Professor Joan Acker – an inspirational and ground-breaking theorist in the field of Organization Studies who advocated for those marginalized within capitalist, business structures. Her work on ‘inequality regimes’ is particularly applicable to sport.  

Hobbies: Obsessive runner

Favourite TV Show: Really enjoyed the insights in the TV series – Chernobyl 

Favourite Food: Vegetarian

Favourite Music: Celine Dion / Bruce Springsteen