Masters Selection Information


The National Masters Tournament held in Christchurch from 23rd to the 29th of February, 2020, will be the primary selection event for the 2020 New Zealand Masters Age Group teams.

Selections for the NZ Masters Age Group teams will be completed in alignment with the Masters Selection Policy.

Please note, in response to the Masters feedback in 2019, the following change has been made to the Selection Policy for implementation in 2020:

  • Consideration for a maximum of 2 players to play below their age group. Discussion between Selection Panels and Coaches must be undertaken, and agreement reached (5.3.4 Selection Criteria). Please refer to the Masters Selection Policy for additional information.

Further information about selections can be found below, including frequently asked questions.



How do I register to be considered for selection?

Online registrations for selection have now closed however players still wanting to register must get their Association Team Manager to provide the following information to Hockey New Zealand at NMT Manager’s meeting being held at 6.00pm, Saturday 22nd February 2020 at Nga Puna Wai.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details
  • Team playing for at NMT
  • Player number at NMT

A final list will be posted at both venues at the National Masters Tournament on the 23rd of February for players to review. Players who have registered by the Managers meeting on the 22nd of February and are missing from the list will be required to contact Hockey New Zealand by 5pm on 23rd of February.

What if I cannot attend the National Masters Tournament and would like to be considered for selection?

If a player is wanting to be considered for selection but is unavailable to attend the National Masters Tournament, they will be required to complete a dispensation form. The dispensation form is located on the Hockey New Zealand Masters website, please click here to access the form. Dispensations will be reviewed by a panel after the closing date on the 31st of January.

How many players are selected, and how are they selected?

Due to the timing of the World Cup events, squads will be selected at the National Masters Tournament. The size of the squad will be determined by the selection panel. Final selections of teams will be completed by respective appointed age group coaches at subsequent training camps.

Convenor of Selectors have been appointed to support the selection panels and ensure process is followed. This year Hockey New Zealand is excited to have the knowledge and experience of Pat Barwick, Lee Munt and John Daniels as Convenor of Selectors.

Appointed Selection Panels will comprise of a minimum of 3 people, including an independent selector and respective age group coach. Panels will receive a list of player registrations and make observations against the selection criteria detailed in the Masters Selection Policy.

What is the selection process for nominated Player-Coaches

Any appointed coach wishing to be considered for selection as a Player-Coach is required to declare this during the coach appointment process.

Coaches are appointed with the understanding their selection as a player will be dependent on the assessment by independent selectors against the player selection criteria. Unsuccessful players will continue their role as Coach.

When and how are selections announced?

On the 10th of March players who have registered for selection will receive an email to be advise of the squad selections.

Announcement of squads will be made on the Hockey New Zealand website on the 12th March. Players will not be able to request individual feedback on their non-selection.

Once squads have been announced on the HNZ Masters Website, appointed coaches and managers will lead the communication for training camps and final selections.

If you have any questions regarding the selection process, we would encourage you to read the Masters Selection Policy before contacting Nicole Youman at Hockey New Zealand, 0220675511