Tournament Appointments

Appointments to National Tournaments will be made by the appointments committee. All nominations should be sent to Colin French:

If you have any questions regarding the suitability of an umpire to a particular tournament, then please contact Colin French. For new umpires, who have not yet attended a National Tournament, it is recommended that they attend a regional tournament first, then apply for a National Tournament the year later.

Umpires will be appointed to National Tournaments based on their performance from the previous year and also from Association nominations.


Click here to see the Sentinel Homes North vs South Tournament appointments.


Over the next 3 months we have the following tournament appointments to be announced:

  • Sentinel Homes North vs South (Hamilton)
  • National Indians Tournament (Pukekohe)
  • Vantage National u18 Boys Tournament (Hamilton)
  • Vantage National u18 Girls Tournament (Wellington)