Hockey is Changing

Hockey NZ is striving “To be the World’s Best Hockey Nation”. As such change is critical – it is essential to survive and to stay relevant in a constantly changing environment. Hockey has often led the way with a rich tradition of innovation – no offsides, the auto pass and modified formats of the game, these have all helped us to continue our growth in playing numbers, and our achievements both nationally and internationally as the world of sport changes.

It is our people who are the driving force behind our success and the ability to realise our lofty vision. We are dynamic, creative and problem solvers.  As Hockey actively looks at these fresh ways of thinking around the next steps for the sport we love. The focus is on keeping the quality of the experience with hockey enjoyable, creating balance in sport participation and nurturing talent at the right pace. That’s because we believe that people, especially young people, who receive quality experiences in sport become sport lovers for life.

We believe in;

    • providing well run, fun, positive, safe environments that are value for money
    • providing what is good holistically for the participant, i.e. reduced burnout, competitive but balanced competition
    • opportunities available and demand-driven in different settings, for different abilities, different expectations, allowing and supporting player creativity
    •  retaining those already involved through a quality experience and bringing people back to our sport via a diversity of opportunity 

Hockey NZ is responding to evidence we are seeing by ensuring that our traditional focus on teams is balanced with quality opportunities for holistic individual development. This means more attention on club and school participants, who are the backbone of the sport, providing programmes and support to meet needs aligned with appropriate local and national competitions. Hockey NZ will lead these changes and partner with Associations driving local delivery.

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Signed commitment to Balance is Better and Keep up with the play. Survey feedback to inform the design of the National Hockey Championships and U18Appointing staff to the Performance Network including a leader and coaches to spread around the country.
Good Sports ProjectModified format review

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