Hockey is Changing



People, especially young people, who receive quality experiences in sport become sport lovers for life.

Hockey New Zealand is actively looking at fresh ways to deliver the game to stay relevant in a constantly changing world.

We’re striving to ensure our participants continue to enjoy the game through creating balance and nurturing talent at the right pace.

Read the Participation Philosophy and Principles which provide guidance for opportunities designed and delivered across the country.

Why change?

Change is essential to survive, and hockey has often led the way with a rich tradition of innovation – no offsides, the auto-pass and modified formats for juniors as examples.

We believe that change is the driving force behind our ability to realise our full potential individually and as a sport.

Read a summary of hockey’s Strategy Delivery Review to understand the thinking behind our changes.

What we’re focused on

    • Improving access for more participants
    • Providing more locations to play hockey
    • Lowering the cost to participate
    • Improving diversity within hockey
    • Balance is Better – long-term athlete development


For feedback on any of the changes happening in our community please contact