Game Formats


We believe Hockey is a sport for everyone. Our goal is to provide a range of formats suitable for all ages and motivations whether it’s the weekend warrior, those aspiring for national honours as well as those first-timers just looking for something new. Hockey NZ is actively looking to better understand what people need from our game. People’s motivations and needs are constantly changing and becoming more diverse, as such the game of hockey must continue to evolve. Updating current formats and introducing new ones will provide a range of relevant opportunities for people to engage with our game.

Current Change Projects

Extension of small-sided games to include Year 7 & 8

Hockey NZ has been using smaller teams on smaller fields since 2012 and we’re now expanding that into intermediate schools. In these games, research (can we link to the small-sided Games Infographic?) shows players are more involved, they make more decisions and have more touches on the ball.

Hockey NZ Game Format Research

In consultation with AUT, Hockey NZ is conducting a research project to compare formats against our existing small-sided and full field game formats currently being offered. The resulting evidence will guide any future decisions.

Indoor Hockey

Re-establishment of Indoor Hockey both domestically as well as international competition.

New Zealand Indoor once had a strong domestic footprint supported by annual international competition, particularly with our Trans-Tasman partners Australia. We have seen several elite players who previously played indoor before making Vantage Blacksticks teams.

An Indoor Advisory Group has been established with the task to develop and implement a game strategy to re-establish the format in New Zealand. This is not only for the good of the indoor game but is considered to benefit all versions of our game providing additional skills, fitness and continued connectiveness to the game while also offering an additional pathway for some.