Introducing the National Coaching Ticket

From February the 8th 2024, the National Coaching Ticket will be available for all coaches on the Hockey New Zealand Online Learning Portal.

Over the last 3 years there has been a big push in response to Coaches wanting more resources to enhance their knowledge and skills and provide the best possible experience for players involved in our great game of Hockey.

The key changes during this time have included the development of the: 

The National Coaching Ticket is the latest release for Coaches

“The majority of our coaches in New Zealand are volunteers, and they are a critical influence on a players experience of our game. So we’ve been working with the hockey community to prioritise the creation of resources for coaches at every level to make sure Coaches have the support to take on this important role”, said Hockey New Zealand’s Community Coaching Manager, Nicole Youman.

“The National Coaching Ticket is the next big step for us to ensure coaches are prepared and supported on the priority areas of coaching. It will also help us learn more about our coaching community and give them a greater voice to help shape the future of coach development.”

What is the Coaching Ticket?

A FREE, online course to provide coaches with the essential information to be ready to coach, no matter if you are a new or returning coach, the ticket is for everyone.

The interactive online course takes approximately 30 minutes and covers:

  • Critical information for coaching young people
  • Important practical Health and Safety for Coaches and their players
  • Information about how to access all the current coaching resources
  • Opportunity to share personalized coaching insights to shape the future of coaching

Once the course is completed, Coaches receive a National Coaching Ticket certificate valid for 2 years. This is nationally recognised, and can be shared with clubs, schools, Associations, and anyone involved in appointing coaches.

How do you get your Coaching Ticket?

Coaches just login or create a FREE account on the online learning portal to access the Ticket. It will be available on every coaches dashboard immediately after logging in. The dashboard will also include other free online resources, and an opportunity to register to the National Coaching Development Programmes. 

What if I am a Club or School wanting to promote the Coaching Ticket?

Hockey NZ strongly encourages clubs, schools, and any organisation who have coaching roles, to share the National Coaching Ticket directly with their Coaches. Please click here for more information for Clubs and Schools including access to promotional assets such as posters and social media images to share with your coaching community. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Community Coaching Manager Nicole Youman,, 022 067 5511.

Posted on Tuesday, 6 February, 2024 | Feature