NZ Officials Appointed to Pinnacle Tournaments

Hockey New Zealand continues to make significant strides in the development of its officials, with several members of the hockey community receiving appointments to officiate in various international tournaments. These assignments not only underscore the talent and dedication of the officials but also reflect the ongoing efforts of Hockey NZ to foster the growth and expertise of its community.

In the upcoming Women’s Olympic Qualifiers set to take place in India and Spain, New Zealand officials will play pivotal roles. Umpires Katrina Turner, Kelly Hudson, and Amber Church, alongside Technical Official Helen Travers, will be part of the officiating team in Ranchi and Valencia.

Helen Travers, expressing her excitement, said, “Being appointed to an FIH Olympic Qualifier is a dream come true. It is a great way to expand and develop our knowledge in the technical field. I appreciate this opportunity and hope to represent our Hockey NZ community well.”

New Zealand officials will also feature in the Men’s Olympic Qualifiers in Valencia and Oman. Umpires David Tomlinson and Gareth Greenfield, accompanied by Technical Delegate Gavin Hawke, will contribute to the smooth running of the event. Gavin Hawke shared, “Being appointed to an FIH event, particularly one associated with the Olympics, is an almighty privilege.”

Meanwhile, Nick Saunders will represent New Zealand as an umpire in the upcoming Hockey 5’s World Cup, scheduled for January 28-31.

New Zealand officials have also been at the 2023 FIH Junior World Cups. Jackie Tomlinson and Katrina Turner have been working as Technical Delegate and Umpire, respectively, in the Women’s tournament, while Bevan Nichol is officiating as an umpire in the Men’s competition.

The pinnacle of these appointments is the 2024 Paris Olympics Olympic Games, where New Zealand will be well-represented. Sarah Garnett, appointed as the Umpires Manager, expressed her disbelief and honour at receiving the email from the International Hockey Federation. She remarked, “To get that email is unbelievable, the Olympics is the pinnacle appointment of any sporting event, and I feel very privileged and honoured.”

Amber Church, Gareth Greenfield, and David Tomlinson have been appointed as umpires for the Paris Olympics. Greenfield said, “Being appointed to the Olympics is an absolute privilege,” while Tomlinson thanked his family, workplace, and the wider hockey community, stating, “The Olympic Games is a very special event, and to be appointed is a great honour and privilege.”

Posted on Monday, 4 December, 2023 | Feature