Hockey New Zealand is very excited to announce the introduction of a nationwide membership and competition management platform provided by PlayHQ, a sports administration technology platform designed to simplify the experience for Sporting Codes, Associations, Clubs, Volunteers and Participants.  Members will be responsible for their own personal data and will have access to their records to enable them to track their history and progress. We will, for the first time, capture players, coaches, officials and volunteers.

The PlayHQ platform has been developed and configured for hockey with both Hockey New Zealand and Association representatives to ensure it met the needs of our hockey community.  It handles competition management, registration, club administration, payments, game day management, live scoring and more. Since its launch, over 1m users have joined the platform, participating  in approximately 4,000 games every weekend, with more than 160,000 games already live-scored on the PlayHQ electronic scoring portal.

Some of the main features and benefits are outlined in the infographic and table below and HNZ is pleased to share that this platform will be free for Associations and Clubs to use.

In addition to improved administrative processes, the platform is also designed to enrich the experience of players and participants. The Participant Portal allows for easy online payments and family registration meaning participants can now manage both their and their family’s payments and game schedules with ease. Live scoring and up-to-date fixtures and ladders will boost engagement and help foster and grow our sporting community.