Why Play HQ

Benefits for clubs and associations:

  • Reduces the administrative burden by having everything in one place
  • Simplifies communications with MailChimp integration
  • Improved insights into your members
  • Take player payments during registration and let PlayHQ take care of making sure everyone gets the right disbursements quickly
  • Ability to operate merchandising on the platform
  • Easy to audit and reconcile accounts

Benefits for players:

  • Search for new leagues and teams to join
  • Register for multiple competitions and programs
  • On-the-spot registration and merchandise payments
  • Access personalised game details and fixtures, ladders and results
  • Receive direct communication from team admins and organisers
  • One single account for managing the whole family’s sporting schedule
  • Coaches and captains can manage team lineups and score games in real time
  • See your statistics and compare with your friends