Small Sticks being embraced by Tinui School

Small Sticks has been running since 2012, in that year the program was delivered to an incredible 17,884 kids. Since that time thousands more kids have been able to take part in hockey including a further 62,591 in 2019.

It is thanks to the amazing support of our hockey community and people like Nicky Brown at Tinui School so many people have been able to pick up a hockey stick and have a go at our sport.

Tinui School has 37 kids and throughout the challenging 2020, they have been able to offer the students at their school the opportunity to have a go at trying Small Sticks.

Brown says “The kids have loved it. In particular last term with Fun Sticks, we had lots of good feedback from parents as the kids had been going home sharing their experiences during the day. Even better we have kids keen to play hockey next year as well”.

As a result of the increased interest at the school, Brown is looking at entering a team in the local competition next year.

With the help of Kookaburra, we have been able to get hockey equipment in the hands of people all over the country who otherwise wouldn’t be able to try out hockey.

Posted on Wednesday, 2 December, 2020 | CommunityFeature